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Publishers may not have invalid or fraudulent clicks, including but not limited to clicks generated by:

  1. Do not place Linkvid.com short URLs on any form of traffic exchange / PTC / faucets / autosurf website / click ring.
  2. Generating impressions using bots, proxies, auto-refreshes or other surreptitious methods.
  3. Obtaining impressions by paying directly or indirectly other people for link visits.
  4. Serving intermission ads in popups.
  5. Do not send users to our short URLs unwillingly outside of the Auto Overlay Script.
  6. Do not send popup / popunder / exit pop / interstitial traffic to short URLs.
  7. Poor traffic perforamnce.
  8. Disabling the Site anti-frame system to display your links in an iframe.
  9. Hacking other websites illegally to display or your links.
  10. Embedding your links in malware or programs without user consent.
  11. Distributing illegal content or child pornography.
  12. Unwelcome spamming of other sites without permission using your links.
  13. Do not spoof referrers, send blank referrers, or falsify referrers. All traffic sources must be verifiable through referrers.
  14. Incorrectly categorizing your link content as adult or non-adult.
  15. Link places a password to redirect the page to another destination, either accidentally or intentionally (Ex : Anotepad, Notelink, Fnote...)

Payments are made from Linkvid.com through PayPal when the publisher has reached a minimum payout of $10.00 USD. Payments are processed automatically unless the publisher is flagged for review in which payments can take up to 5-12 days. Being flagged for review are the result of a variety of anti-fraud measures which may or may not indicate bad faith on the publisher. Larger publishers can apply at the support desk to be white listed from the anti-fraud measures if various criteria are met.